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10:55am 05/09/2007
NerdTests.com says I'm a Light-Weight Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
Teh Funny   
01:51am 24/11/2006
More Under CutCollapse )
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"So Far in '06"   
02:20am 15/11/2006
  Taken from _ayn_

So Far in '06Collapse )
So I've been told..   
10:27am 12/11/2006
  CZIP has DDR SuperNova, an hour+ drive for me. Only down side is no more 5th mix in a 200 mile radius but still, SN! Yah, we're depraved in this area. I've been having a hell of a lot of fun on ITG2 to finally be in close proximity. Fledh Uncut Expert Doubles is becoming my new favorite but I don't think it'll ever beat Conga Feeling Doubles. Heck, just having Doubles Premium is a lot of fun.

If there's one song on ITG2 I'd love to freestyle and that's Funk Factory.
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You can't beat this   
12:44am 03/11/2006
  .50 / 3 Songs ITG2 less than 10 minutes from your apartment /w Doubles Prem. over at E's.

I want to get down to 170lbs (again). I managed to hit my target weight back in the spring but then I failed on my diet. It's tough to live on crappy frozen dinners & diet coke. I'm not quite back to my old weight but I'm creeping back. I want to get back down to my ideal weight by X-mas when I go see my family and this will be perfect for me.

Only thing that sucks is that the left side pad is wonky and it's not upgraded to r21. Bah, I want to start playing custom songs.
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Two Word Survey   
11:42am 12/10/2006
  One/Two-Word Survey, yanked from niku_neko

1. Explain what ended your last relationship?
Oh, Everything.

2. When was the last time you shaved?
This morning

3. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.?
Checking E-mail
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Holy bat nuts   
09:42pm 05/10/2006
  I found out today there's an ITG2 & PIU Zero less than 5 minutes from my work place.The ITG2 is a brand new machine, fantastic pads. Too bad the PIU Zero has a messed up screen.Tuesday's is half-price games, making ITG2 only .50. I still have to pay $7 to get inside but hell yah its worth it.

This like the whip cream topping on a banana split life I'm living in.
DDR TV - WTF?   
11:47am 10/05/2006
  Coming soon.. on CBS. Not like it'll matter since I don't watch TV. Just the thought of it makes my head hurt.  
12:35am 21/04/2006
  NAT doubles/freestyle will be on the same weekend as A-KON! AAAAAAAARGH!

I already paid for my room & badge for A-kon so I can't skip it. Sigh.
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Today's MEMEMEME Meme   
02:36pm 18/04/2006
  Snagged from specific_chris
Behind the times to find this out   
01:40am 18/04/2006
  ITG NAT Freestyle & Doubles to be held in Austin in June.

I just want the chance to meet Foyboy & Kyle (again).

ITG fanboy :p
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28 Questions About Now - Today's meme taken from Keri..   
09:06pm 05/04/2006
  1. I have big: *BEEP* ;)
2. I wish I was: in Japan, or Amsterdam (again)
3. I am so tired of: work (at times)The Rest.. 28 questions total.Collapse )
07:56pm 21/03/2006
  Meme of the day, tagged by D on this.

Five Things With Which To Bribe Me

1: Bubble Tea
2: Vodka & Red Bull
3: Your Time
4: Live music or DDR/ITG time
5: Big bowl of Pho

I tag Dollar & Ryan.
I never get bored with this kinda stuff   
02:45am 13/03/2006
  Live Action Zelda - Meh, but watch all of it for the last scene to make it worthwhile.

The Video Game Pianist who is making a career in playing video game classical music. I've been listening to his music this evening which is available on his website. Simply beautiful. If he came to Texas, I would attend one of his performances.

For once I wish I was near Chicago to see Play! The Video Game Symphony. It wouldn't happen because I have bad memories of that city :[ . I would still love to go back just once to see a Cubs game.
PIU Zero first impressions   
11:46pm 05/03/2006


-F'ing finally can do seperate skill level making it easier to play with anyone instead of having to wait for your turn

-Best steps in the game so far has to be Chinese Restaurant, Nightmare. Remember this infamous video from years ago with two Chinese guys dancing to the song? Yes, it is that song. This is the original slow Chinese version, not the remixed version played in the video. Second best steps is Beat of the War 2. A lot of holds & freezes. I enjoyed "What's Going On" by The Turtles. They made the steps a tad too easy but you can have a LOT of fun if you want to goof around.

-The challenge in this game is ungodly. It far surpasses ITG2 when you start playing Mission Mode.

Love Is A Danger Zone 2 Another Step Nightmare. This is being played by TWO of the best players in Korea who barely get a D. It is sickly inhuman.
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05:32pm 05/03/2006
  Pump It Up Zero spotted at D&B

You seriously can't top this   
02:30pm 26/02/2006
  Until you can go do this, never bother bragging about your DDR Skills.

Healing Vision Heavy Doubles Stealth - AAA

I've seen the Max300 Heavy AAA & Legend Road near full combo AA vids but holy shit is this impressive. Some of the ITG vids where people get 95% & higher on 13's are impressive too but damn, I think this is proof of skills I doubt anyone can match.

Reason #18 to go to L.A. - To see Super Mario: The Opera
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Another day, another meme, this time snagged from Lance on myspace   
09:28am 24/02/2006
  Finish this sentenceCollapse )  
A-Z - Floating Myspace Meme   
12:40am 21/02/2006
Meme floating around on Myspace. Since I don't like to post on there, I'm polluting LJCollapse )
Maybe it could be..   
11:59pm 20/02/2006
  .. the cold weather or what. Usually when I do a few heavy sets of DDR, my shirt would usually be soaked to the bone. Tonight I played 4 heavy sets and my shirt was fairly damp but that's it. I didn't have to ring out unlike in the past. I wasn't breathing heavy either.

I've learned that the same rule in PIU with Vanish where I would speed it up applies to DDR too. I was putting fast songs like Max300, Waka Laka, Healing Vision Angelic & Burning Heat on 1.5x / 2x Hidden then passing with ease. I would just read the arrows at the bottom of the screen which gave me enough time to react by the time it reached the top. This is what I did with PIU too. It is impressive to show off but it is easy to do.

I am impressed by all of this.
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